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The Sandelin group is composed of 
 - a wet lab running transcriptomics techniques, mostly on tissue samples
 - a computational biology laboratory where we explore genomc data using computers
In practice, much of the work occurs in a  gradiant between these two
Albin Sandelin Professor, PhD


Publication list

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Albin took his PhD at Karolinska Institute in Functional Genomics focused on transcription factor binding site bioinformatics. He then made a postdoc at RIKEN, working at promoter biology and transcription start sites. 


Yun Chen

Postdoc, PhD 

Mehmet Coskun
Postdoc, PhD 
Kristoffer Vitting-Seerup
PhD student, MSc 
Axel Thiefry
PhD student, MSc. Shared with Peter Brodersen group, KU 
Christian Vaagensø
Laboratory technician
Mette Boyd

Assistan professor, PhD

Jette Bornholdt Lange

Assistant Professor, PhD

Morana Vitezic
Postdoc, PhD
Malte Thodberg
PhD student, MSc 
Marianne Stage
PhD student, MSc . Shared with Chr Hansen APS
Evdoxia  Karadoulama
PhD student, MSc . Shared with Torben Heick group, AU
Hans Ianascu
Scientific programmer
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